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Minor Clearing & Grading

Minor Clearing and Grading without Building Permit (GA)

For clearing and grading not combined with a building permit. Involves over 1,000 square feet of clearing and over 10 cubic yards of grading; or more than 50 cubic yards of grading regardless of clearing area. Also for construction of rockeries and modular block walls over four feet in height and slope stabilization measures.

Please Note: The following are the materials, fees and timeline that typically apply to an application of this type. This information is a general guide and should not be used as a substitute for current codes and regulations. Before applying for a permit, contact Permit Processing (425-452-4898 or permittech@bellevuewa.gov) with your project details to verify that this is the correct application type and for any other submittal information.
Submittal Chart For definitions, numbers of copies to submit, and other important information.

Clearing & Grading Single-Family

Submittal Description Sheets 1 Standards for Plans and Drawings
2 Boundary & Topographic Survey
3b Site Plan B
19 Stormwater Permitting for Construction Sites
20 Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (CSWPPP)
25 Geotechnical Report
26 Wetland Report (if wetlands exist)

Clearing & Grading Permit Application 
CSWPPP (Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) Short Form for Small Construction Projects
CSWPPP Long Form

Fees Clearing & Grading Permits
Target Processing Timeline 14 Calendar Days
Actual Processing Timeline
(updated weekly)
Minor Clearing & Grading without Building Permit (GA)

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