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Financial Reports

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Washington law requires that the City of Bellevue publish a comprehensive annual financial report each year.  The report must conform with generally accepted accounting principles and be audited by the State Auditor's Office.

The financial report describes how the city uses its financial resources each year, and provides a picture of the city's financial condition at the end of the calendar year, which is also the city's fiscal year. The annual financial report is extensively reviewed by the State Auditor's Office to make sure it fairly represents the city's financial position. Each year's financial report is usually published by June of the following year.

State Auditor's Office Performance Report
Washington voters approved Initiative No. 900 in November 2005, giving the State Auditor's Office authority to conduct independent performance audits of state and local governments on behalf of citizens to promote accountability and cost-effective uses of public resources. The State Auditor's Office examines cities of various sizes in urban and rural areas to ensure that a reasonable perspective of the issues and challenges that confront all the state’s nearly 300 cities and 39 counties is obtained.  Bellevue occasionally is selected as one of the sample cities included in their performance audit program. Typically, Bellevue is recognized as one of the best-practice entities. The State Auditor's Office has more information about this program.

Monitoring Reports
The City of Bellevue carefully monitors how it spends public resources so that it has enough money each year to provide high-quality services to its residents and other stakeholders. The Budget Office publishes annual and quarterly monitoring reports.  By providing a high-level overview of the city's current financial condition, these reports help give management and the City Council a picture of how the city is doing during the year with its finances. The reports contain information on the economy and financial tables, and present key highlights on the resources and expenditures of key funds.

The financial documents on this page are limited in scope, and do not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy city bonds or notes.

Each document in this section is dated and speaks only as of that date. The city does not undertake to update, and expressly disclaims any duty to update any document.

The documents in this section make forward-looking statements, using words such as “may,” “will,” “should,” “expects,” “believes,” “anticipates” and “estimates." A variety of risks and uncertainties – such as general economic and business conditions, receipt of grants and various other factors beyond the city's control – could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected.

By clicking on any link on this page you acknowledge that the documents are limited in scope, are not an offer to sell, are each dated as of a certain date and have not been updated since that date. As a result, the documents may not contain all material information and may contain material misstatements or omissions because of the passage of time or the occurrence of subsequent events.

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